Sunday, 29 November 2009

And now for my next trick......

After yesterdays little sojourn,I was unsure how I would be feeling today.As things were,I felt fine-no aches and pains and no lethargy.I decided to do an easy ten miles-round Ingoldmells and back,with a social call to my mum at halfway for a quick cuppa and a few biscuits.It was an easy run,and I was feeling good and strong.
Thoughts on the route turned to my aims for the year.The main aim for the first half of the year is the CCUM in early March,and I've decided the Boston A.C. 12 hour race will be a later in the year target.This race takes place on Bank Holiday weekend in late August.Usually taking place on the local 400m track,the venue was changed last year to Witham Country Park in Boston.The surrounding are idealic and the course takes us round the park,on a concrete path-with each lap measuring exactly one mile.The last two years have seen the Rainbow brothers triumphing in the 12 hour race(a 6 hour race is also run at the same time).In 2008,on the track,my twin brother,Chris won with about 74 miles.Last year,with Chris out injured,I won with just under 72 miles.I was pleased with this preformance,especially as it was my first ultra and the fact that my training had not been based around running for such long periods of time.It would be nice for the event to attract a quality field and for next years winning distance to be big enough to bring the event to the attention of the countries ultra elite.To have a classic ultra,on home turf,organised by my club,would be a dream.Details of the 2010 race can be found on the Boston and District A.C. website.
There is a welcome break in the work schedule over the Christmas period.Having a break of 3 weeks from work,coupled with my decision to have a low key festive season,gives me a perfect opportunity to get some serious running done.I plan to take my mileage to levels I have not attempted before-somewhere between 150 and 200 miles a week.I have always read,in awe of various athletes doing mega mileage-people like David Bedford,Ron Hill,Martin Lel and Anton Krupicka and now it is my turn to attempt it.How I respond to it will be interesting,but,hopefully,my body will stand up to the punishment.I am looking forward to it.

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