Saturday, 14 November 2009


Why blog?Is it the need to tell people what you're up to,boosting,bigging yourself up?Maybe.The blog which inspired me to write was 'Riding the wind'by Anton Krupicka.Anyone who loves running should read this beautiful blog.His new posts inspire me,and thats the reason I'm writing this.
The change happened in 2007,when I turned 40.Midlife crisis?Maybe.At the time I was a market trader,driving 1000's of miles a year,but working part time in another business I co-owned.I was involved in a road accident in February 2007,in which my van was written off-but I was fine.After that I decided I didn't want another vehicle and stopped market trading.I started working full time at my other business-producing colouring boards for kids.I decided to start cycling to work 13 miles there,13 miles back.The time coincided with questioning the basic premises of life.
The writing had been on the wall for a while.In January 2009 my marriage of 10 years went into meltdown,and myself and my wife of 10years separated.I decided I wanted to live a basic life,a cheap life,a life which could free me from materialism,of needing to work so hard and so much.I was a runner when I was younger and I had rediscovered the love.This is my story.

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Kevin said...

Love the honest approach and the change in lifestyle that many of us wish to achieve but so few actually have the courage to take on. Can't wait to meet you in Mexico Dennis and drink a cerveca or two

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