Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ode to Darkness

One interesting item I read last year was about one person who was attempting a John O'Groats to Lands End bike ride.Whilst these attempts are not uncommon,the thing that stood out about this proposed attempt was that the rider wanted to do the magority of the journey in the dark.Most attempts at the ride take place in midsummer,taking advantage of the long daylight hours and the favourable weather conditions.This proposed attempt was to be the opposite,taking place in midwinter,but still hopefully missing out on extreme weather,especially in the Scottish Highlands.There were certain logistical problems to the ride-finding shops open for food breaks,and finding accomodation for a person who wanted to sleep all day,but not stay the night.When asked why he wanted to do this attempt,the rider simply replied 'I like riding in the dark'
At this time of year,with the ever shortening days,must running during the working week involves running in the dark.The past two days had involved getting up at 5.15a.m,in order to set off on the 12\13 mile run to work at 5.45a.m.Awaking in the dark with the wind and rain exaggarated by the the thin walls of the carabanger can be hard.But by ensuring that I have no loose change for the morning bus ride and not possessing a car,I narrow down my options-run or be late for work.Once out on the road,with the nights lethagy leaving your body,the run normally becomes very enjoyable.The cloak of darkness and the remoteness of the roads used for the run can easily give the impression that you alone are moving through the countryside,whilst everyone is sleeping.The sole beam of light from the headtouch allows you to almost hyptonise yourself,giving random thought streams ample time to germinate.As the destination nears the sky gradually starts to lighten,preparing you for the day ahead.

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