Saturday, 28 November 2009

Skegness to Mablethorpe and back.

After the last few days feeling down,this morning I woke up feeling fine.The darkness of the previous few days had faded away-I'd had a couple of days off running,as I was hit by a distinct lack of motivation.The last few weeks had all been around 100 miles and combined with racing for the last 8 weekends,I was tired.One thing I have learnt is that not only have you to listen to your body ,but also your mind.If you don't want to run-don't.Running is supposed to be a pleasure,not a punishment.If you are not going to enjoy it-don't do it.
After a good evening at my club(Boston and District A.C),at which u.k. hammer throwing legend and "the voice of B.B.C. athletics',Mr Paul Dickinson was presenting awards,I returned home positive and ready for a challenge.With the CCUM in Mexico looming on the horizon,I decided I needed some time on my feet.I decided the next day to run from Skeg to Mablethorpe,a distance of between 35\40 miles.I fell asleep,the rain hitting the tin roof of the carabanger-the news channel still on the t.v about 1a.m.It was one of those nights where you constantly have dreams,based on whats on the tele.At 6a.m I turned the t.v off and awoke at 10a.m ready.
I set off from the caravan site and felt good,mentally prepared to last the distance.The weather was good-overcast,grey,cool-with a slight head wind on the outward leg.Being the weekend,all the toilets on the seafront were open,meaning free water all along the route.Having no food in,apart from a couple of slices of bread,which I had for breakfast,I was concerned about my energy levels.I had taken some money with me,inorder to get a drink and some food at the halfway point.
The first half was good.On reaching Mabo,I found a shop to stop and get some food and drink.Walking into a shop,mid run ,can be a strange experience.In blue woolly hat,black,red and yellow club waterproof,black tights,brown socks and grey opened toed sandals,my appearrance can be unconventional,but so be it.I purchased a bottle of lucozade and a cheese and pickalili sandwich-had a sit down for 10mins and set off again.
The thing with ultra running is that,areobically ,things are o.k-its just your legs get so tired its hard to keep them moving .I had to get back for a prearranged time as my estranged wife was making tea for me and my boy and I didn't wnt to be late.There was no need to panic as I touched down in Skegness with an hour to spare.(Tea was lovely-thanks kez!).
Nice way to finish the day.Tired,looking forward to running tommorrow,couple of glasses of vino and MOTD

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