Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Lexicon of Failure

Everybody likes to hear about tales of success-miles ran,sessions completed,races .won-but more often than not life is shaped by failures,not successes.Yesterday was a case in point.Xmas day-spent at the estranged wifes for the sake of my son.The day started well-nice 2 hour run down gibraltor point-my favourite place in skegness.Easy run-thinking of homegrown stuff.The shoes I have been wearing in the snow phase have been Mountain Bear Gladiators.They bear the classic -Handmade in Lancashire,England on the tongue-love that.And also beautiful shoes.The run was great-Xmas day-nice and easy,thinking about Ian Holmes and his lack of road racing results.Great run-lots of people about for christmas day,but liked it.
Xmas day is a funny day.I was invited round by the ex missus.However ,due to an additional friend attending,the night took on a new concept.To cut a long story short(I lost my mind),I got drunk,got thrown out the house,let down my son and ruined
Xmas.Well done Loser
Any way,Life is about failures.We like to hear about failures-The Lexicon of Failures.Worlds collide etc ,etc,-but true friendship shines through.Thanks Dom and Jo

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