Saturday, 30 January 2010


,Nearly the end of the month,and in terms of running its been good.Not starting back at work until about the 11th gave some good days at the start of the month to get some miles in-usually one run a day,about 2hrs duration.With the commencement of work came the need for some structure,in terms of time to get up etc,which after 3 weeks on holiday can be testing.However the early start is worth it in terms of getting a run out of the way.It's a nice feeling to be at work,knowing you've got 1hr30/1hr 45 under your belt and if yu don't fancy it you don't have to do much else.Typically I've been running to work,setting off about 6a.m and getting to work about 7.30ish.After finishing work at 4.30p.m,I've been busing part of the way home and running the rest.It's alot easy for me to have a purpose for a run,and getting home is a good one.Arriving at home and then having to run,especially when cold and dark,is mentally hard work-all to easy to put off.

All this running is done at a relatively easy pace,with exact distance and times not known.Since my return to running my main aim is enjoyment.I don't want the pressure of having to run a session at a certain pace.If I want an easy session ,I'II go easy.If I feel good,I'II go abit faster.The main aim of things is getting out regularly.I like the fact that theres no real structure to the training,apart from ,perhaps,hours ran.No heartrates,no Vo2 maxes,no threshold runs,no intervals,no exact idea of pace-just hours on your feet,doing whatever pace you like.Is this approach correct-probably not,but it helps me maintain a good degree of consistancy.

Over the past few weeks I've been reading quite abit about multiday races-anything from 24hr races right through to 6day races and the Sri Chimnoy 3100mile race,ran around a block in Queens,New york city.The way that the endurance acts to simplify decisions fascinates me.After a certain time on your feet everything becomes irrelevant-the only thing that matters is your next step-problems,status and standings are not important.With this in mind I'm making my years two premier goals the Boston A.C 12hr race at the end of August and the Sri Chimnoy 24hr race at Tooting Bec later on in the year.It will be interesting to see how they map out.

The week just gone:
Saturday-Northern Cross Country Champs -Witton Park,Blackburn.362nd.12k.
Sunday-2hrs-flat course.
Monday-2hrs 30mins-hilly course.
Tuesday-2hrs 30mins-flat course.
Wednesday-1hr30mins-flat. p.m-1hr-flat
Thursday-5hrs-hilly course.

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