Thursday, 25 February 2010

The journey begins

Flashback to August 2008.Been back running for about 6 months and was sidetracked with my first injury since returning.ITB band,down side of my right knee.I was on holiday in Spain ,with the family,in about a week,and was looking forward to those early morning runs down the deserted beaches.I tried different shoes-no good,bit of rest-no good,running on grass-no good.I was resigned to a non running holiday,when I noticed that when I was in the house,barefoot,my knee seemed ok.That night I when to the nearest field and ran for 30 mins.The knee still hurt,but was runnable,where it wasn't before.The next morning at work,thinking that allsorts of information is available,I typed in 'Barefoot running'.That was the start of this adventure.

First I came across Barefoot Ken Bob,which lead to Barefoot Ted,which lead to the Tarahumara indians and a shadowy,renegade U.S ultrarunner-El Caballo Blanco.With the arrival of the best selling book 'Born to Run',covering the race,organised by The White Horse,in Urique,deep in Mexicos Copper Canyons,my mind was set.I needed to go.

Last night was spent on the seats of Heathrows Terminal 4.Dispite the machine that seemed to be cleaning alnight and constantly beeping,I did manage some sleep.With my philosophy of working less,living more,I want to make this trip an experiment in cost cutting,opening up opportunities for extended stays in similar places,without having to work more.No hotel last night means a saving of about £70.Moving the carabanger off site for a couple of weeks means no rent while I'm away-saving £150.Currently still at Heathrow,awaiting a flight to Amsterdam,then connecting to Mexico City.The plan is to get a night bus on the 20hour trip to Chihuahua-another nights accomodation saved.Its a good job I can sleep anywhere.So far it's all gravy!

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