Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Banyan Trees and the single track out of the canyons

Yesterday I recieved a friend request on facebook from Robin Harford.I recognised the name-he ran a website called,and also organised foraging courses near his home base in Devon.The ability to live off the land,and the sheer multitude of free food which is available and growing wild is vast.Living where I do the scope for foraging is doubled-woods etc and also the sea and beach.I must have left my name on one of Robins sites.While scanning through the information on Robin's profile ,I came across a character who has ,today,captivated me-a tall,striking man with wild locks by the name of Frank Cook.Unfortunately the information was a report of Franks death in August of last year from a tropical,parasitic infection.

Frank graduated university in 1985 ,with a degree in computing,but his primary passion was plantlife.Over the years he became of of the worlds leading authorities on wild plants,both for nutritional and medicinal purposes.He travelled the world,leading a simple life,seeking out plants he had not yet seen,in basic clothes and sandals,more than often walking everywhere-his few possessions in a rucksack.To fund his travels,he often taught on his field of expertise-plants-but ,rather than charging a fixed fee for this service,relied on donations-allowing people to pay whatever they could afford.He was a passionate advocate of a reconnection with nature-a path I am seeking to explore.Several people have questioned my acts over the past few years-a bemusement at wanting to escape the excess materialism and consumption of the traditional western world.They view my journey as a backward step.On the contrary,I view things in totally the opposite way.People like to believe that they are moving into the future with faster cars,more advanced televisions etc,etc.They seem to want to cocoon themselves from nature.However there is nothing more technologically advanced than nature-millions of years in the developement and every plant,organism and animal serving a self supporting purpose.If we want to move to the future-the move towards reconnection with nature is the way we should be heading.

The footage of Franks funeral is very moving-hundreds of poeple surrounding a large lake and all holding hands.According to people who meet Frank,he was a gentle,kind man,with a obvious passion for passing on knowledge and a good soul.Sounds like a good bloke.

Life seems to be going great at the minute.When Scott Jurek split from his wife a while back ,he compared life to running the trails.There were always beautiful mountain summits to make you feel great and deep canyons to have to run out off.Sometimes ,through the general twists of life,you may find yourself at the bottom of the canyons,trying desperately to find the single track ,which will give you the means to make an escape.The single track is always there,but sometimes may be obscured by trees or rocks-but if you keep looking you will find it.I'm just starting the long ascent-my legs feel great at the moment-and I'm enjoying it.

Running is going ok.Sometimes it seems that running is an afterthought to this blog.However thats how I wanted it.Although I love running,90% of running blogs out there are plain boring.I like to read facts on mileages etc,but love to get a glimspe into the mind of the runner-to see their fragilities ,as well as read off their triumphs.Its nice to get something personal from these runners-thats why I like to go on abit!The last couple of days I,ve been really tired-a combination of pretty big hours for the last two weeks and a few pretty late nights.I'II probably do the normal 2/3 hours tomorrow,and probably the 4/5 hours on Friday-but only slow!This Sunday is our half marathon at Friskney-a freshener for the London Marathon,2 weeks later.Will see how it goes!

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