Sunday, 11 April 2010

Friskney Half Marathon

Today was our clubs own Half Marathon ,held at Friskney.That race holds good memories,as running the event years ago,actually lead to us joining a running club for the first time.When me and my brother,Chris were in our early teens,the runners we followed and wanted to emulate were not so much the track stars of the day,but the road stars.The US edition of Runners World,complete with those classic Nike ads ,that adorned our bedroom walls,was our bible-where we would get inspiration by the leading US runners of the day-Alberto Salazar,Jon Sinclair,Bill Rodgers,Craig Virgin et al.We wanted to run marathons,but we were too young to do those,so decided on Half Marathons-which we were still too young to do!However,despite being 15 at the time,we just lied and said we were 17.Friskney was our 2nd or 3rd Half Marathon and again were just lied.With hindsight that was a stupid thing to do-the RD's daughter went to our school-knew how old we were-and eventually the RD would find out.A few weeks after the race we recieved a knock on the door.It was the RD.OH no-we've dropped our selves in it now.However he explained that he had found out our age after the race,noticed we ran as unattached,and asked if we would be interested in joining the club.That lead to a long association with Friskney Harriers,which then combined with Holbeach A.C,to become our present club-Boston and District A.C.

The weather yesterday was great-hot and still.With the London coming up in a couple of weeks,and wanting to keep up my mileage,I debated whether to run or rest for Friskney.In the end,after realising that my best performances never involved any sort of taper,I decided on a steady 2 hours,on top of a hard and fast 2 hours on the friday.The weather today was ok-not as hot as yesterday,and with a tricky wind,that would play its part on the flat and exposed countryside of the area.I was aiming for something around 1hr 25mins and so was very pleased with my final time of 1 hr 23 mins 20 secs.That was good enough for 12th place and also resulted in my being 3rd counter in the Boston winning team.Not a bad day overall!

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