Monday, 19 April 2010

The Greatest Living Painter

Tonight was a good run home.It was a proper run-a run of neccessity ,rather than pure enjoyment.I had to collect something from my mums house,so it made sense to devise a route home from work which involved passing hers.Altogether it took about 3hrs-just over-and I felt ok.The last few days I've had a slight calf strain,so have not been doing anything too intensive(do I ever!).Sunday is London Marathon day,It will be great to run it ,finally,and I would love to go under 3hrs.However this race is not the focus for the year-so if I do ,I do-if I don't,I don't.

The race thats the biggy is the Boston 12hr race in August.I am aiming to run long-hoping to run a distance that will place me at the top of the uk ranking for the distance this year.After London I should have about 14 weeks,before a 2 week easing off period before the race.Consistancy is the key and I am hoping to run a steady 20/25 hrs a week in all those 14 weeks.That should give me a fighting chance.

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