Monday, 26 April 2010

London Marathon 2010

London was to be my first proper marathon.I had done a couple of trail type affairs over the last couple of years-but ,with those,accuracy is always questionable.We set off on the Saturday morning-Me,Jose,Geoff K,and Tony-all running-and David and Geoff J spectating.The weekend is always good-even if you are not running.A visit to the Excel to register,dinner on the grass at the side of the London airport,to the hotel -and the traditional fish and chips on Saturday night.

Saturday in the city was hot!The forecast for Sunday was better-cloudy,with a chance of showers,and getting warm later.Sunday morning-and the forecast was right!I wanted to run as close to 3 hours as possible.I knew the distance was not a problem-but maintaining sub 7 pace in the second half of the race was abit of a voyage into the unknown for me.The first few miles passed quickly and were slightly faster than predicted pace.At around 9 miles,the enormity of the task entered my head-could I keep this pace until the end?Me and Jose passed 10k in just on 41 mins-this time last year I was running 42+ for 10k races on their own-so must be getting fitter.Over Tower Bridge,I was still running with Jose-but half a mile down the road,we had split.I was entering the second half of the race and felt good.I passed half way in 1hr 27--1.5mins faster than my time in last years Friskney Half.

All was going well.At 20ish miles the tiredness hit me-but I knew that if I could maintain pace,I would be under 3hrs.My final time was 2hrs 56 mins--very happy with that.My legs today are aching!So day off today-then getting straight into training for the 12hr race-including my first 8hr day on Friday.I am energized after the performance-and ready to roll!

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