Saturday, 17 April 2010

(out and back x2) x2

Had a relatively easy week this week,due to picking up a slight calf strain after the half on Sunday and also with lack of time to do too much running.Its been one of those weeks,where everything happens at once-club committee meetings etc,etc.So had a day off Monday,club session on tuesday-about 1hr,1hr 30 mins on Wednesday,1hr 15mins on Thursday and 2 hrs on friday.Due to the easy week I have decided to do a couple of 4hr days over the weekend-but split into 2 sessions,to safeguard the calf before next weeks London Marathon.I have just finished the first 2 hrs-Chapel and back and am having a couple of hours rest and then doing it again.Same for tommorrow.The weather is beautiful-hot with a slight cooling breeze.Happy Days.

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