Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Peace,Love and Understanding.(The banyan tree revisited)

Tonights run was great.From work back to the carabanger,nice and slow,due to the race on Sunday.The weather was beautiful-nice and bright-hot,but not too hot.It was one of those runs which just feel so easy,that you feel you could carry on all day.It made me question the training post London,for the 12hr race.I've decided I'm going to do 3 hours a day,home from work-Monday to Thursday.Friday will be the big day of the week-and a good day to devote to running ,with people at work and Reice at school.This will be an 8hr day,consisting of 4 loops to chapel point and back.The benefits of this is that all the toilets are open on the seafront,so I have to carry no drinks,and I'II pass by the banger every couple of hours to get food.Running a 12 takes no speed at all-the only difficulty being to actually keep your legs moving.If I can get 14 8 hr runs in before the race it should hold me in good stead.Saturday and Sunday will be very easy runs of about 2 hrs.Overall that should give me 24 hrs for the week.
Came across an intersting conversation on facebook tonight,where two people,who know me well were discussing me.(nice to be the centre of attention!).One was commenting on my profile picture,days before the CCUM,and said on it I looked like I had AIDS.I guess that means I'm looking pretty skinny,so I'II take it as a compliment.Over the last 3 years I've gone from 14.5 st to just over 11st.With all the miles over the next I reckon that I should be able to drop to 10.5 st,which will be my lightest since being a teenager.

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