Monday, 5 April 2010

Return to Nature

One thing I love about running is the sheer rawness of the experience-to be out among whatever nature has to offer.I love the days in mid summer-hitting the beach at the top of the North Shore Golfcourse and just getting taken back by the views afforded.Those days when its hot,the sky is blue,the crowds are out by the pier,but the beach infront of you is deserted and the tide is in-the water still and so inviting.These things are free and the ability to absorb and truely appreciate these things give you a step up from normal people,obsessed with the latest four wheel drive or outfit for the night.But this step up is not limited to anyone-but is available to everyone.
It's like running.Essentially its an act of freedom.You only have to watch kids or dogs when they first hit the beach-the first thing they do is run-an uninhibited run and an expression of joy.It truely is a return to nature,yet so often people and runners try to place artificial barriers in the way.Yesterday ,in town,I was passed by some guy running.It wasn,t hot,but he carried 2 water bottles-I don't know how far he was going-but the previous day I ran 4 hours with no bottles-he had a gps watch on-no doubt logging the exact distance to be ran at a preset pace-shorts and knee lenght compression socks,and an ipod strapped to his arm.I thought to myself that it was all a barrier to the essential freedom of running-to run at a pace that may be too hard or too easy on the day(who knows how you feel day to day!)and place himself in an artificial world of music.I have never ran listening to anything.I love music,but for me,running and music don't mix.It is a beautiful experience to get out and actually hear nature and just everyday things-snippets of peoples conversations when you run pass them etc.It also allows for some valuable head time- chance to think and rationalise things,in a near meditative way.Many of my running inspirations behave the same way-Anton Krupicka sites his minimalist approach to running ,and indeed life ,to allowing a reconnection with nature and the similarly minimalistic approach of Caballo Blanco allows for the whole running experience to become a source of joy ,not pain.Anyway-each to their own,I suppose!

Running since my return from Mexico has been good.Sometimes when you focus on one thing for a while, you can get swept up in a wave of ,not exactly demotivation,but certainly not motivation.Running for the first week of return left me very tired,but a sense of hunger was still there.The London Marathon(3 weeks to go)was on the horizon-and although I have never placed the race as a priority-that goes to the longer races later in the year-it still gives you something to look forward to.The Sunday after returning,I competed in the Lincoln 10k and was pleased with my time of 38mins31 secs-must be a pb, I don't do many.It was certainly not fast,in traditional standards-but I was satisfied.After that training has been similar to pre mexico-one run a day,Monday to Thursday-normally between 2hrs 15 mins and 3hrs and then one or two runs a day ,on my three days off, of any thing between 2hrs and 5hrs-all run relatively easy-with no GPS or ipod!

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