Monday, 12 April 2010

Search for Soul

Running for me has to be soulful.I like to refer back to the soul surfers,where the key is the attitude,not the performance.The sheer act of running is essentially soulful-simple and spiritual.Keep it to the basics-don't overshadow the beauty with technology-just run-steady and long.

I returned to the carabanger pretty late tonight and fixed up a quick dinner-polenta and vegetable balti.I enjoyed the silence.The last few weeks,instead of turning the tv or radio on ,mainly cause of habit-I haven't bothered.The silence is sort of pure.With just a low light on,curtains closed,wind whistling outside,but inside warm-the banger felt so inviting and cozy-like a long term friend you know would never let me down.Its times like this I love the simplicity life has to offer.I feel like Dean Potter in his cabin in Yosemite or somewhere equally remote and its at times like this that I dream of drifting to the edges of society-a place where wealth and possessions have no meaning-a place where people are only judged by the colours of their heart, and running long,slow miles through beautiful countryside.

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