Tuesday, 27 April 2010


On a beautiful night,like tonight,all is well with the world.It holds promise,adventure,opportunities,happiness.I'm sat outside the carabanger-the lightness is slowly starting to fade-but the temperature is mild-and I'm surrounded by a feeling of positivity and calmness.Its quiet here-made more so by my recent decision to turn off the tv.I've not watched anything for a couple of weeks now-and don't miss anything.Most of the time its just background noise.If its noise I'm after,I'll put the radio on-but I,ve recently been revelling in the joy of silence.Its the things that are always there which are always most pure,and the absence of noise is one pleasure people are gradually destroying.

I feel ,in some ways, vindicated that the course I have chosen is right.I have little stress,am more relaxed and can now see a life plan that is clearer-but involves doing things my way.I do not miss the extra money I was earning through more work.Indeed I enjoy trying to survive on less.Previously my ego was consumed with success-and that included work.I would have been embarrassed to admit to having a low end job,with low end money.Now I,m not bothered.I've got greater things I want to achieve than work.I still crave a certain amount of success--for example,I have got goals I want to achieve with running--but this may also be a weakness--another attempt by the ego to gain a modicum of control--but this is one I have not yet conquered.Maybe in the future.

I feel now I need little materially.I could quite happily get by with only few possessions.The propect of a real minimalist running adventure really appeals to me.To arrive in some far off place with just a pair of shorts,sandals,a couple of shirts and basic essentials would be good.I would have to find somewear to sleep-not too much of a problem ,if it was hot--and would have to get a daily food source sorted out,but this should not be too much of a problem.Just running from town to town/village to village/settlement to settlement would be a most excellent adventure.

Today is the second day I have not run.My legs have been so stiff after the marathon.It must be the faster pace,as after Mexico,with its 50 odd miles and 9000ft of ascent/descent,my legs feel fine.Not to worry--will see how they are tomorrow.

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