Sunday, 18 July 2010


The decision of the moment is whether to opt for a three day week at the end of September,for the duration of the winter or not?At the minute I am seriously thinking about it,and,infact will sit down tonight and work out a few figures.I have a core feeling that I should do it.Life has moved in mysterious ways over these last couple of years,but I feel it has delivered me at a time and place which is near perfect to make a big decision.

Chris has been reading a book called'Once a Runner'-a seminal book written in the early 70's about a college athlete named Quenton Cassidy,a talented miler,who after getting booted out of college,retreats to a hut in the middle of the forest to train..and train..and train.Needless to say it is ultimately a success story-the character beating the world record holder at the mile and going on to win Olympic silver.I guess that most people who are pretty serious about sport,at any times in thier lives,have haboured such dreams-but the reality is that normal living needs money-and money normally comes from working.

I have arrived at a place and time which most people would be unhappy with.I am single-although am currently experiencing a great relationship with my estranged wife-after a lot of ups and downs-and don't feel the need to be in a relationship right now.Living in the Carabanger is cheap-probably averages at around £50 a week.I've got no council tax to pay,no water bills,no gas,no electric.I can live on less than £20 a week for food-and then the only other costs are the money I give/save for Reice each week,travel costs and then money for myself.I can live frugally,and going without luxuries such as new clothes,nights out,take aways no problem.So....what is stopping me?

Looking at things in a short term perspective is easier.Working three days a week does not mean I will have to do it all the time.I would have the option of increasing the hours once we get to peak season next March.Luxuries,such as foreign travel and a return to Mexico for next weeks CCUM would be out of the picture-but the thought of really throwing myself into hard running for the winter excites me-and it would be interesting to find out what I could do-if anything,in terms of ultra distance running.I feel it is an oppurtunity that I may not get again-and if I do not seize the day,I will regret it.

The plan for the winter is thus:After the 12 hrs at Boston at the end of August,I've got the Robin Hood Half or full Marathon-probably the half-then its Cross Country season again.I love that time of year.Theres races seemingly evey weekend until Christmas-so I will do as many of those as I can-working towards a goal race at the end of January.That will give me something to work towards through those dark winter months.Right -off to work out some figures-I'm getting excited thinking about it!

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