Friday, 6 August 2010

Its there and its free

Had a good couple of days,after the relative rest of last week.Wednesday night was a 4 hour run from Spilsby to Skeg and then straight on to Chapel and back.I've stopped morning runs again-basically because I don't enjoy them.I also have a left ankle/achilles that aches alot when I first get up-and is pretty uncomfortable to run on first thing-however being on my feet all day seems to sort it out-and running after work is normally no problem.

The run Wednesday meant passing the cherry trees at Skeg-so with 1.30ish under my belt-and never running with any food or drink-I was getting abit peckish.Therefore a 10 minute stop to gorge myself on the free cherries was just the job-running and nature working in perfect harmony!Some people say the cherry carn't be eaten,however,this last few weeks I've eaten more cherries than in the rest of my life combined-all with no problems.I think its a case of people thinking that because these cherries are just growing normally,and not in some enclosed orchard,then they cannot be eaten.Well I hope they continue to think in that blinkered way--more cherries for me!

The run to Chapel takes you off the beaten track for a short while-and this is ideal.The blackberry season is just starting-another completely free and nutritious running food available!

Been abit of hype about a new book out called 'Bounce' by Matthew Syed,about the question of whether champions are born or made.He comes down heavily on the 'made' option,which should encourage everyone.In terms of ultradistance running there are no limits,potentially.If you can get out there and run long and very often you may not be the best in the world-but you will be good.alot of the time its about committment and time.Can anyone afford the 30/40 hrs a week that Krupicka puts in?-maybe not-but if they really want it,maybe they should.

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