Sunday, 1 August 2010

Ups and Downs

Been abit of a crap week for training this week.The last few weeks have been biggish miles-between 120 and 140.But,ultimately,its left me really tired,feeling abit under the weather and ,generally, abit demotivated.Lessons to be learnt?Probably that I need an easy week now and again.This week has been around 75-80 -and i feel that I haven't done much really.But its left me hungry for a big week next week.Maybe I'll try something like 3 weeks around 130/140 and then a recovery week of about 80 throughout the winter.Not missed a day now for about a month now-so try and keep that going.

Had a training run at Boston this morning and decided to bike to Boston and back-must be a round trip of about 60 miles.I'm going to invest on a touring bike in the next few weeks-something like a Dawes Galaxy-or something similar.I'm trying to cut out the travel expenses that I'm accrueing at the minute,in order to make the switch to 3 days work more viable.If I can cut out the travel expenses to work and training it will save me about £30 a week-so will be worth the effort.I am currently looking forward to those dark,cold winter nights on the way back from Boston-should be good.

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