Friday, 17 September 2010

Boston 12 hour race

Well I'd been doing alot of miles for this one-things went ok performance wise and some lessons were learnt.Last year I won the 12 hr with just under 72 miles.This year I wanted to get something approaching 80 miles.The day was good-not too hot,but with the wind forecast to pick up as the day progressed.

The race started at 7.30 and I felt good-going through the marathon in about 3.30 hrs and by half way was 2nd overall,including the 6 hr race.Last year I had a real bad spell about 6.30 hours,where continuing was questioned,but this year,although tired,those sort of conditions did not repeat themselves.After reading Stuart Mills blog and appropriating some his nutritional advice,things seemed to progress well.The preferred drink of choice,which after 40 miles,was consumed every 5 miles ,as a treat ,was a 50%coke/50%water mix.Every 10 miles was a cup of coffee,which was drank relatively quickly,sitting down resting on the kazi!

My legs started to ache about 5 hours in-and just got worse.Its hard to keep focused,but to cut a long story short,I finished with a distance just short of 78 miles.According to the german ultra statistical site that ranks me 3rd in the uk this year for a 12 hour race this year-so not too bad!!

The thing I realised,however,is that ultras of this sort,to me,are really boring.Ultras always have a large mental component to contend with-but more so ultras ran over short courses.I was planning to do a 24 hour next year-but don't now know if I will.Running has to be enjoyable to me-I like racing people-I like racing from place to place-I like changing scenery.We'll see what happens!

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