Friday, 1 October 2010

End of Summer/Start of Winter

Reading Anton Krupicka's excellent blog 'Riding the Wind' this morning ,I was surprised ,yet heartened to here how his September went.Anton is renowned for running big miles-sometimes up to 200 miles a week-but this last few weeks has been running low miles-probably 4 miles a day.He attributes this to both physical and mental tiredness.It's nice to see normal human fragilities in your running heroes and makes you feel better when faced with times where motivation is sometimes lacking.

Since a month before Christmas I've probably averaged around 100 miles a week.There was always some race on the horizon-The CCUM,London Marathon,Boston 12 hr race.My big goal for the year was the Boston 12hr race at the end of August.Having completed that and achieving a result I was happy with,it has been nice to take things easy-have the occassional day off-go out for a 1 hr run ,instead of a 2-3 hour run after work-just enjoy running and not get too wrapped up in the statistics for the week.I have,even during this'down month',raced regularly.The week after the 12hr race was the Lincolnshire 10,000m county track championships.During the whole week I ran twice,due to the aches and pains caused by the longer race.However I ran 38.15(my years best being about 37.50 at Woodhall Spa 10k) and really enjoyed my first track 10k,and was really surprised my time was as quick.I have also completed a couple of road 10k's-Mablethorpe(8th-38.55ish)ans West Pinchbeck (22nd-38.39).

This weekend sees the start of our cross country season,with our traditional opener at the Louth Open.The weather this last few days has been terrible and the forecast for Sunday itself is not great,but ,hopefully,this will add to the race with some tough underfoot conditions.Through October,November and December I will be racing virtually every weekend-mainly over the country-and it is a time I relish.The atmosphere at these low key races is great-the same faces over and over-the entry fees are nominal and the pressure to achieve time targets are non existant.It is a period I am looking forward to immensely.

Thoughts also turn to goals and races for next year.My main interest is doing abit of something different.I'm going to try and get away to The Peak District at least one weekend a month and reece the area-with the intention of running a few races round there-The Long Tour of Bradwell and The High Peak 40 for starters,and probably a few lower key events.With the increased interest in trail running in the UK,there has been an increase in high participation trail runs,normally sponsored the big players in the footwear/outdoor wear industry.However they are not for me.Encouraging people to enjoy the countryside is certainly admirable,however 1000 people racing the trails over sensitive countryside is,in my opinion ,not a wise idea.I have entered the London Marathon(probably the biggest commercial race in the country),but apart from that will be targeting just low key races-local races-and small races further afield,which can be easily accessed by public transport and which are free from excessive commercial involvement.As Caballo Blanco(CCUM organiser and fierce advocate of keeping the North Face/Saloman et al out of the race)-'Running should be free,man'!

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