Monday, 20 December 2010

Guerilla Running

Looking at U.S trail runner,Nick Clarks excellent blog 'Rocky Dirt Mountain Running',I was interested to see the ethos of a race/run that was being organized by Nick and some running pals-The Chubby Cheeks 50k.The thing that stuck me was the 'guerilla' nature of the run.There were basically no aid/drink station,no prizes and no entrance fee,with all runners self timing themselves.In these days of major sponsors,exorbitant entry fees,and all the other things that go along with modern day races,this hit me like a breath of fresh air.I always welcome anything that cuts the costs involved with running,and this approach definitely fits the bill.

The legality/ illegality of such events adds to the experience.The race has no permits.On his blog Nick posts that if anyone is approached by anyone in a uniform,they are to say they are doing a group run,not a race.Of course,in this litigation age,everybody taking part would have to understand that the race was,basically,a run and that no-one could be held liable if anything went wrong.But its certainly a cheap way to race.

Today was cold,really cold,compared with the normal weather experienced in Skegness.The temperature on waking this morning was -7C.Due to this fact,as I lay under my quilt,sipping one of numerous coffees needed to give me the kick to stir,I wasn't looking forward to braving the elements.This week has been going well,mileage wise,and I was looking to cover at least 20 miles today,in order to bring the weekly total up to this weeks target of approximately 140 miles.I decided the best way to do this would be to do my normal Skeg to Chapel and back run-about 13 miles,and then an easy 7 tonight.As I set off I was astounded by the surrounding beauty.There was no wind,but with the low temperatures,everything was covered by a white frost,giving everything a Christmas card look.The day was bright and that quickly boosted my mood,giving me the incentive to do all 20 odd miles needed for the day in one go.

As I approached Ingoldmells Point and made my way around the outlet going into the sea I had an idea.I love running on this beach-each day is different due to the tides and weather conditions.The outlet has got a red buoy on the top and further down the coast at Chapel St Leonards there is a similar outlet,with a similar buoy.An idea started to seed that there could be a race/group run between the two outlets,which I was thinking could be called 'The Buoy to Buoy'.On reaching Chapel St Leonards,and feeling great I decided to carry on down the coast.I knew there was another outlet at Mablethorpe,another 5 miles or so down the coast.On the way there I passed another 3 outlets,which were all nicely spaced,and also split the beach down into smaller sections.By this time I was pondering a Buoy to Buoy race from Ingoldmells to Mablethorpe,or even a double Buoy to Buoy-Ingoldmells to Mablethorpe and back.Im toying with setting up a facebook group where runners could post their best times for a 'Buoy to Buoy' and a 'Double Buoy to Buoy'.We'll see.

By the time I reached home the sun was beginning to set,the temperatures had plummeted again and I was cold.Checking the distance of the total run on Mapometer revealed that the total distance covered today to be 31.4 miles.Not bad.

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