Thursday, 23 December 2010

The Trials of Miles-Week 4 summary.

Friday 17th December 21.5 miles
Run from Southview to Chapel pullover,back to Skegness Pier on the beach.Then Skegness to Anchor Lane and back on the seafront.

Saturday 18th December 10 miles
Southview to Anchor Lane on the road,back on seafront.

Sunday 19th December a.m 11.5 miles
p.m 13.5 miles
Morning run was from the Lifeboat Station along the beach to Butlins and back,then The Skegness Santa Fun Run 5km (1st).
Afternoon run from Southview to Chapel Pullover and back on the seafront.

Monday 20th December 31.5 miles
It was a cold day,but beautiful and bright.I went out with the intention of running 13.5,but the weather was so nice I decided to carry on.I ended up going from Skegness to Mablethorpe and back.It turned very cold on the way back,as the sun started to set.I was glad to get back in the warm.Left ankle was playing up on the way home.

Tuesday 21st December a.m 10 miles
p.m 7.5 miles
The morning run was a standard run to Anchor Lane on the road,back along the seafront.
The night run was with the club at Boston.Left ankle was fine on the first run,but painful on the second.

Wednesday 22nd December 10 miles
Southview to Anchor Lane on the road,back on the seafront.

Thursday 23rd December a.m 5 miles
p.m 10.5 miles
Morning run was at Bourne Woods.Traveled over with Jose and Aidan and it was nice to get a change of scenery.The trails in the Woods were still covered with snow,making for nice running conditions.
Afternoon run was a club run from Currys,with Geoff J,David J and Thomas J.



Overall it was a pleasing week.It was my intention to push up the mileage towards the 140 miles per week point,but 131 miles is more miles than I have completed for a while.I'm steadily getting into the routine of things now.It is essential to make sure that I resist the temptation to lay in in the morning.If the first run of the day is not until 12 p.m ,the temptation to fore go the second run of the day,especially in the cold and dark is sometimes too great.
My left ankle has been playing up slightly.I have switched shoes,to my Puma Cortland IIs and this seems to be helping.The Cortlands are Cross country spikes.I noticed that there were several styles of spikes which are also available as Cross Country flats(with no spikes) in the States.The U.K version of these shoes are perfectly good to wear as minimal shoes-just don't screw in the spikes!These were a particular bargain,costing only £10,with no postage,and including a free T-shirt and pair of running socks.The price of these alone come to more than the purchase price of the shoes.It is definately a wise move,especially considering that similarly minimal type shoes,like the Innov-8 Xtalon 190 are currently selling for £70/£80.Remember.....Cheap is Good!!!

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