Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Beards are the future.

Photo: Forrest...ran and ran....beard!

Photo:notice the two runners leading the race.....beards!

Photo:Krupicka is beard...and chicks like Jenn dig it!

Photo: Can guess who won this race!

Photo: Rasputin..beard!

A couple of times this last week people have commented on my new years attempt to grow a beard.'God-you look like you're a tramp' was one of them.People need to get on the beard band wagon-realize that beards are the future.Cool people throughout the ages have had beards.Jesus had a beard..and he looked cool,in any bodies eyes.Dennis Wilson,Brian Wilson,The Beatles at their peak,cool bands like Band of Horses...all got beards,realize it's hip,that chicks dig it.Intelligent men like Socrates had a beard,as did legendary madmen ,like Rasputin.

The iconic bearded runner is Forrest Gump.He had a good beard...and look how far he ran-backwards and forwards across America...and he didn't stop once,not even to sleep.Anton Krupicka has a beard.He's hip,likes good music,runs 200 miles a week in high mountains and how does he do it?Simple-the beard.Great 60's/70's marathon stars had beards-Amby Burfoot,Benji Durden to name a couple.Britains own Mick McLeod had a beard..and he won at silver medal at the LA Olympics.

I've been growing my beard for about a month,and already my running seems to be improving.My runs are getting faster,with no increase in effort and my recoveries are getting faster.I can sense it-keep the growth going and big things are gonna come.Watch this space!

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Robbie said...

Hows the beard coming on? I just saw your post now which was from January so you must be rocking a proper AK growth at this stage!?

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