Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Future is Rainbow Coloured.

Photo:Roque Nublo(5,915ft)

The premise for the next year or so(maybe forever?) is simple-run in beautiful locations,run some classic races,have some adventures-all in a minimalist style,on a shoestring budget.

With the severe winter weather we've been recently experiencing,I've decided I need to get away,somewhere much warmer.Browsing locations several months ago on the net I came across an article on free state run campsites on Gran Canaria.There is a network of around 14 of these,mostly inland,in the mountains,nestled away,and mainly the reserve of well informed locals,not tourists.However,by registering at the local government office in the capital,Las Palmas, it is possible to get a permit which will allow you to stay at these.The process,on paper,looks relatively simple.Only time will tell.

I fly to Las Palmas on 17th January,taking a tent,basic camping gear,a few clothes,a couple of pairs of running shoes,and my trusted iron horse-my 1980's Raleigh Equipe bicycle.The plan is very basic-arrive at the airport,bike the 12 miles or so, into Las Palmas,pick up a camping permit,buy some food,and then head off into the mountains.At the moment,gazing out of the window into the cold and darkness,I have visions of running plentiful mountain trails,with the sun on my back.I want it to to be a minimal trip,just basically running,hiking,exploring,relaxing and sleeping.The main aim is to live as cheaply as possible.With the campsites being free,in theory all I need will be food.I'm used to a basic diet of predominantly porridge,rice and pasta,so the cost of food should be small.It would be nice to find somewhere which I could use as a winter bolt hole.I'm sure things will not be as simple as I think,although on past experiences,sometimes things can be that easy.My return flight is 1st March,which gives me plenty of time to find out what's what!Looking forward to it!

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Cainey said...

Won't the temperatures be a bit colder up in the mountains - will it still be bearable?

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