Monday, 14 February 2011

How to fall in love with a Girls Polyester Cycling Top-Size 12.

I don't really know how it happened.It was a cold night and I was feeling the effects of staying in a house with central heating on for just several hours a day.I was at my mothers.I,d placed the carabanger in storage to save a few pennies,til after my jaunt to the Canaries.The first night I'd gone to bed warm,but woke up in the middle of the night cold.I mentioned this the next night,just before retiring to bed.My mother rummaged in a pile of clothes and threw me a black long sleeved top.She told me someone had left it in the changing rooms at the local theatre,where she helps out.It had been in the lost property box for ages,no one had claimed it,and it ended up at her house.She said it might be too small.It was a cheap looking black long sleeved top,with a zip at the collar.Examining the label I found it to be 100% polyester ,a size 12 with a brand name,Cyclelife.Ignoring the fact it was a girls top-I was only going to wear it in bed,I slipped it on.It was a little tight,but ok.

In the morning sun I hit the main road to Maspalomas.It was a few kms before I could pick up the rocky singletrack down to San Bartolome.This was the nearest town to the campsite,and this particular run I carried out every morning ,bringing back with me the food I needed for the day.It was around 9 a.m.The sun was rising in the sky,but a chill still existed.I jogged down the hill to Cruz Grande.I had on my black ,short shorts,waffle racers,and polyester top.Dressed entirely in black I felt like John Walker.I'd not taken many clothes with me and had gradually developed a liking for the top.It looked slightly too small,but in a cool way.It was warm enough to keep the morning chill at bay,but not uncomfortable when the heat increased.It was also light and long sleeved,ideal for taking off and tieing around my waste.Being at the campsites predominantly alone,not having to make a great effort appearance wise,I wore the top virtually exclusively.I started to fall in love with it.

Back in England,running in morning and evening gloom,I glance down.I,ve got a helly hanson thermal on,and my black top over it.With black tights and waffles on, I am again reminded of John Walker and think,' I love this top-am going to wear it all year,all the time.'

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