Monday, 14 February 2011

The Vagabond and The Poacher - Redemption and The Flow.


I too was sat in a restaurant.I'd tried and failed.I looked at her smile,the smile which people fell in love with.And I looked into her eyes.I saw sadness.But perception is in the eyes of the perceiver.She looked sad,I felt sad.I was sad.

The beach,the road,the paths,the trails,the miles.The solace I needed to ease the pain.

I awoke,cold,stiff.As I got out of the tent,the rain began to fall gently.High in the mountains,surrounded by cloud,visibility down to nothing.I removed my socks,laced up my shoes,started to run.The rain began to fall heavier.On the trail the mountains came to life.I noticed creeks flowing with water I had previously missed.Waterfalls had appeared.The water made its way down from the high ground to nourish below.The Flow.

Next morning I stood on the high plateau of the campsite. I looked around the cloudless sky,savouring the surrounding peaks.I gazed at the sea miles below and thought of the waters journey the previous day.The chill above,the heat below.The sun causing the sea to rise to the clouds.The Flow.

Days later I awoke again.The dreams had seemed real and pure.I thought of her words,her smile,our future times together.My heart was alive with yearning and passion.She looked beautiful,I felt beautiful.I was beautiful.I listened as the rain started to fall.The Flow.

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