Sunday, 24 April 2011

Let's Go Fishing For a Dream.

One day, as the high sun set over the mountains of the most sacred kingdom, a ragged messenger crossed the moat and entered the wooden gates to the castle. He was ushered inside, truly and diligently by the Royal servants, until he stood in front of the King himself.

" It is true, Sire. It has been reported that a peasant in the outer reaches has indeed been fishing, and catching dreams, in the Great Lake of Tranquility."

The Kings eyes widened. His Kingdom ruled the world. He had gradually gained more wealth, more power, more possessions than anyone on Earth. He worked hard, suffered no fools, and would stop at nothing to get whatever he wanted. However one thing bothered him. When he finally allowed himself to sleep, he could no longer dream.

The next day the King sent a thousand of his finest men to the Lake of Tranquility.
" Catch me a dream" he ordered.
The men fished all day and caught only fish.

The next day the King doubled his efforts and sent two thousand men to the Lake of Tranquility.
" Catch me a dream" he ordered.
The men fished all day and caught only fish.

The peasant walked to the Lake on the first day to see one thousand men surrounding it. He loved to fish, but more so enjoyed the peace offered by the Lake of Tranquility. He would set up his rod, then relax in the midday sun. He had no money, no possessions, but a wife who loved him. And he had time. Time to enjoy. Time to fish.

After sleeping he would walk back to the village to be asked, " Have you caught anything?"
" No", he would reply. " Only a dream."

The second day the peasant walked to the Lake. He saw double the amount of people there than the day before.
" Nevermind", he thought, "I've plenty of time. I'll come back tomorrow."

He turned around and started the walk back to the village. He smelt the wild garlic growing nearby,listened to the beautiful birdsong. He smiled as his son ran towards him with a huge smile on his face.
" I may not be rich", he thought, " but I'm wealthy."

As he reached his hut he kissed his wife and sat on his front step. The sun still shone brightly. He was tired. He closed his eyes and slowly fell to sleep.

And then he started to dream.

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