Monday, 18 April 2011

London Marathon 2011

If I'm honest I wasn't particularly looking forward to running the London this year. The weekend jaunt to the Capital with the clubmates is always a great weekend, but in the proceeding weeks I almost wished that I was just going down to spectate, not compete. I had gradually become disillusioned over the last year or so with,what I considered the negative side of running-the high race costs,the charity involvement, the whole commercial side of things. After London I would concentrate on low cost,local,low key running or even cut back on the amount of competitive running I did full stop. That was until yesterday.

I was aiming again for a sub 3 hour performance. My best time ,well only road marathon time was set in last years race at 2hrs 56.30 something. If I bettered that it would be a bonus. I had been putting in lots of miles,the majority of which were slow. The only runs I ever did at sub 8 min mile pace were races. The last race before London was The Friskney Half Marathon which I ran about half a minute slower than last year in 1 hour 24 .14. I was disappointed with this, and thought that maybe a sub 3 performance might even be out of the question. I finished yesterday in 2 hrs 54. 27 - taking about 2 minutes off my best. I managed to run a relatively steady paced run and thought that I might have managed 1 or 2 minutes faster, had it not been for aching thighs from around 8 miles.

I awoke this morning feeling inspired. An event which I considered to sum up the worst aspects of running, has actually given me a buzz I have not felt for a while. In my quest for self I had,all but decided, that the way to go was to escape the mass participation events in favour of the tranquility of the trails. I had penciled in a couple of big trail runs this summer,but,at this moment feel the urge to do things a little faster. I find myself getting excited about the challenge of running a sub 2 hour 50 marathon.

I sometimes get this elitist view on running. Personally I get inspired by people who take things to extremes. However everyone has their own priorities in life, and for most running is just a small part of it. I tend to think of running, not only physically, but spiritually. It defines who I am and provides me with things I desire in life and have failed to find elsewhere. It has power. This morning thousands of people will be going to work, each with their own unique story to tell about their run in The London Marathon. Some will have succeeded,some will have failed, but all will be feeling that power- and that surely is a great thing.

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