Friday, 17 June 2011

Mas Locos are go!

This weeks training.

Saturday 11th June. 20miles easy. Shoes:Ascis Hyperspeed 4
Sunday 12th June. am 8 miles easy with the club. Hyperspeed 4
pm 7 miles easy. Hyperspeed 4

The morning run was gorgeous along the beach in warm sunshine. The evening run was a trial against adversity- rain and strong wind.

Monday 13th June. 10 miles easy. Hyperspeed 4
Tuesday 14th June. am 10 miles easy. Ascis Piranha
pm 7 miles easy. Hyperspeed 4

Wednesday 15th June. pm Wolds Dash race 7.3 miles- total with warmup/down 9 miles. Ascis piranha

This was the second race in The Wolds Dash Series over a slightly longer course of 7.3 miles. It was my first race since the bad run at Woodhall Spa. I managed to finish in 5th place and was pleased with that. Felt very strong over the second half of the race after struggling abit over the first couple of miles.

Thursday 16th June. noon Yoga for 90 mins.
I've been doing this once a week yoga class for about 4 months now and am convinced that there are a multitude of benefits to be gained from it for runners, in terms of flexibility and increased strength. While I am not sure it will increase levels of performance, I am sure that it will become integral to me in terms of injury prevention.

pm 7 miles easy with club

Friday 17th June. Day off.

Total miles for the week. 78miles.

Overall it was an ok week. It is the first time in a few years when I have actually scheduled a day off into the training week. Normally a day off occurs every few weeks as and when I feel like it. The race on Wednesday was pleasing and the plan is to continue to increase the total mileage by 10% a week over the next 5 weeks until the volume is about 120 miles a week. At present I'm going to concentrate on keeping one fast session a week in the form of either a race or fast run/ interval session and one long, continuous run of over 20 miles. Once I reach 120 miles I'll start to integrate another fast session a week into the weekly mix, before gradually easing down the mileage on the last four weeks before Amsterdam.

The big news this week is the official news of a visit from Micah True/ Caballo Blanco
, the main character in the best selling book, Born to Run, and organizer of The Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon. I was blessed a couple of years ago to make the long trip down to the bottom of the Canyons to the small town of Urique,where the race starts, and compete in the CCUM. The trip,for me and most others who have made the journey was a life changing experience. To experience a glimpse of the culture of the Tarahumara was a privilege,and it is the safeguarding of their unique culture that Micah has devoted his life to, and in the process inspiring thousands to run free.

Micah will be visiting the Uk in September on a speaking tour to raise awareness of the Tarahumara culture and fund raise for the cause. From reports of his talks in the US, the nights promise to be immensely interesting and entertaining for runners or anyone open to a good story. Dates confirmed so far can be found at

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