Saturday, 11 June 2011

Week 4/6/2011 - 10/6/2011

Saturday 4/6- Northern Track and Field League, Doncaster.
Again a depleted team resulted in the same old suspects doing as many events as possible just to score points. The end result is a lot of races and very few good performances. Its not just our team, but seemingly everyone and it does make you wonder what is the point of these leagues and how long it will be before they die out altogether.
Competed in 3000 steeplechase, 5000m, 400m, 4 x 400m relay and Triplejump. I don't know the exact times/ distances, but know they were all terrible!

Sunday 5/6 - Woodhall Spa 10k. 45th. 38.36m
A bad run -about 40secs slower than last year. Felt terrible from the start, but did seem to get into my stride at about 4k. Would have liked a pb (37.58m), but it was not to be. Yesterdays long, tiring day didn't help.
Shoes: Asics Piranha

Monday 6/6- p.m. 13 miles easy. Shoes: Asics Piranha

Tuesday 7/6 noon. 10 miles easy. Shoes: Asics Hyperspeed 4
p.m. 8 miles easy with the club. Shoes: Asics Hyperspeed 4

Wednesday8/6 noon. 10 miles easy. Shoes: Asics Hyperspeed 4
p.m 7 miles steady. Felt good on this run which was faster than marathon pace. Shoes: Asics Hyperspeed 4

Thursday 9/6 noon. Yoga for 90mins
p.m 6 miles easy with the club. Shoes: Asics Hyperspeed 4

Friday 10/6 Day off. One of those days. I had problems with backache and toothache, both increasing my levels of tiredness. Had 20 mile long run today, but decided to put tat off for a day. I have decided to have one day off from running each week now.

Miles for the week: 70

The Cost of Running: Saturday. Train return fare to Boston £9.00
Bus Cost to venue. £8

Sunday. Entry to race. £12
Monday. Work Day at Running club. Train return £9
Tuesday. Train to club session. £6
Training fee £3.50

Total for the week: £46.50

The main point to be taken from the week is that I have realized that I need rest. It may be an age thing, but I do find that I get to the stage every now and then where I feel listless and totally de motivated. From now on I am taking one days rest a week. Next week I am introducing one day of intervals into my training, in an attempt to increase my basic speed. If I want to get a pb at Amsterdam I realize that I have to work on my basic speed.

The fact that I spent nearly £50 on running last week surprised me. This is mainly in the form of race entries and in getting backwards and forwards to Boston. Taking the train is roughly twice as expensive as taking the bus, but the cut in the bus service leaves me with little choice. I was looking at racing once or twice a week, but , on reflection, this is an unnecessary cost on what I would basically regard as training. I may as well just discipline myself to train hard from my door step, which will cost me nothing. I have decided to race the Spilsby 6 in early July and then The Seabank Marathon in mid July. I may find a half marathon for mid August- we'll see!

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