Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Boston Banksy and The Hackgate Conundrum

Yesterday was an entertaining day. I spent the afternoon glued to the amazing spectacle of the Murdochs being questioned on live tv by the House of Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee. Riveting viewing. Later that night I discovered a work of art worth, potentially, upwards of six figures to anyone who unwittingly owns the masterpiece.

I admire, respect and am intrigued by Banksy. I like the veil of mystery in which he has enveloped himself in. I like the healthy disregard he has towards authority and large corporations, and the way this contempt is demonstrated in his art. I like the way he sets his own agenda and functions outside of normal society rules. Most of all I like the fact that he refuses to authenticate any of his work.

Banksy has claimed that millions of pounds worth of works of art attributed to him are fakes. In 2008 a body set up by the artist himself, 'Pest Control', said that 89 street pieces and 137 screen prints had been falsely attributed to him. In recent years the number may well have escalated. To replicate a Banksy is not hard- all that's needed is a stencil and a spray can, and , as the man himself admits, many of the fakes are of a better quality than his own. The question which needs to be asked is why would someone spend £200,000 plus for a work of art potentially carried out by the young lad down the street with typical teenage interests of grime, M-CAT and street culture. The answer is simple. The buyer is taking a risk that the authenticity of a piece is either positively proved or, indeed, never proved. The ultimate motive is the accumulation of wealth and greed.

Watching Murdoch Snr struggling to answer questions about allegations, to supposedly have little idea of the corruption operating in a company over which he presided, it was hard not to feel sympathy. It was like watching your granddad and feeling the urge to protect him, put an affectionate arm round his shoulder and give him a hug. Then you remember who he is.

Could someone so successful in business really be so oblivious to what was happening under his nose? Was he telling the truth or deliberately denying knowledge in a way routinely done so in previous investigations into corruption by News Corp employees- placing the onus of proving the authenticity of the claims on other people. Disgraceful acts were carried out by Murdoch employees, under Murdoch supervision. The motive was again simple. The accumulation of wealth and greed.

It may take a while for facts to be proved, or they may never be proved, but, at this moment my mind is made. The Boston Banksy is real. Murdoch is lieing.

(Images of Boston Banksy and location withheld until purchase attempt completed. I need to accumulate wealth)

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