Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Bjork, crystalline, thinking of times past, the box, nothing exists only what I see, and is this real or an illusion, fluoxetine, 5 o'clock depression, not half eh poop pickers, bright eyes, taste of honey, speed, you'll end up with no teeth, yeah but I've got nice trousers.

When I'm happy I sleep. When I'm troubled I sleep.

Remember, Chris, when Edgars grandson, Richard, used to come down? He was so good looking and was always getting off with beautiful girls on holiday, behind his girlfriends back. I thought she would be stunning, but she wasn't. I think of him every time I run on the seafront. The bit near Butlins, that was concreted that summer. You remember? Someone wrote 'Tom Face' in it before it set. Jennifers cousin who wore that two tone suit- it was that time-Quadrophinia-got to be something to do with that.

Harry Hayes, Douglas Jardin, that Scottish girl runner I used to fancy, but can't remember the name of. Gary Numan, Cliff Richards, Radio Luxembourg.

Sat on that bus on way to Kool Kat, with Dom and that divvy girl who took all his knives and forks, got any mintolas?

Red Hot Chilli Peppers


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Ben Pine said...

I don't understand any of this post, but highly approve of it in every way.

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