Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Is Life Art?

Have you ever sat next to a pond and watched ducks?
A nice Summers day. It's warm. The sun's shining. The water looks so still and inviting. Some of the ducks are laid on the floor, head tucked under their wings. Some are in a similar position, but standing on one leg. Are they awake or asleep? Why don't they stand on two legs?
Some are swimming, some walking, some flying.
Have you ever sat next to a pond and watched ducks, and thought, ' I wish my life was like that. I wish my life was that simple?'
I have.
I used to live next to some duck ponds.
I did it alot.


I'm sat at home. The tele's got the radio on. I really can't do with that daytime shit today, rather listen to Radio 5. I'm not very well. Cold. And I'm not supposed to be writing this. I'm supposed to be applying for jobs. Jobs that I don't want. Jobs which I will never take. Playing the system. Ticking the boxes that keep people happy and make it possible to get a few quid off the state. A few quid that I don't need, but a few quid that I'll take anyway. Thanks very much.

The woman looks at my C.V. Maybe shes alittle surprised. Maybe not. The qualifications are there. No doubt, alot better than hers. The work history is terrible. A catalogue of Mcjobs and self employment. Evidence of an education wasted. She asks me what sort of work I am willing to do. ' Ought,' I reply. 'Not bothered.'
'Would you consider working 16 hours a week?' she says.
'Would I still get dole?' I reply.
' No, you would still qualify for housing benefit. You would be better off. Your wage would be about £90 a week'
'Are you fucking mad!' I think. ' I'm getting £70 a week now for nothing. You seriously expect me to work 16 hours for £20?'
'Yes,' I reply. ' I  will consider anything.'


http://salebyjoggingcentre.blogspot.com/2012/01/story-of-creation.html   This post made me think. Life is about creating, but life is also a creation. Perhaps the greatest creation. The opportunity must not be wasted.

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