Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Lincolnshire Coast - Endless possibilities?

There's been a couple of things happening this week of any note. Firstly, the weather has been glorious. Secondly, the whole country is going mad panic buying petrol in anticipation of a strike by tanker drivers, and no fuel at the pumps.

As the sun shines, so my thoughts turn to the beach. The past few days I've headed out from the banger, clad only in old t shirt and shorts, jogged the half mile to the beach barefoot, and ran endless miles north along the coast. Sometimes it'd be on the soft sand, sometimes in the increasing network of emerging dunes, sometimes on the hard, wet sand, and sometimes in the seas edge. Wherever, I've loved every minute.

For anyone not local to the area, the Lincolnshire Coast between Skegness and north of Mablethorpe offers around 20 miles of uninterrupted beaches, and aside from a couple of areas, they are virtually deserted, even in the height of the season. For the more frugal amongst us, like myself, it is quite possible to run everyday from the end of March until October, without ever putting on a pair of running shoes.

My other passion is cycling. Not racing, time trialling, sportives or any of that. No big money bikes, carbon fibre or SRAM components- just getting from A to B, getting to work, picking up the shopping on a cheap, reliable runaround. General utility cycling. It always surprises me how few people, who live on the flat coastal strip between Skegness and Cleethorpes, actually use bikes as a means of preferred transport. Flat country roads abound, making a 10-20 mile round trip an easy and safe option.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that this area could become some sort of mecca for sustainable living and for those who want to live a more self sufficient life. For people to attempt to make a change, escape the tyranny of dependence on fossil fuels, and build a brighter future. It's happening to some extent, with one of Europe's largest off shore wind farms being constructed five miles out to sea. There's ample opportunities to obtain local fresh produce and great opportunities for small holders.

 Come check it out. The big skies are calling.

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