Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Use, Treasure, Adore.


Wise words from Dakota, and a subject close to my heart. There is sometimes a contradiction between our love of our open spaces and our disregard for environmental consequences. We love running in the wilds, but travel vast distances to do so. We value nature, but can't resist buying this seasons running shoe. Maybe we should channel some of the energy that we put into our recreational pursuits and direct a small part of it into making a difference. It's not too hard.

 Run and race locally. Support local races. Aim to walk, bike or get public transport to them.

Buy gear that will last. You may pay more, but you'll still have them a few years down the line.

Buy shoes you can fix. Remember the old days of Runners World and their adverts from companies offering to resole shoes? Pick shoes that can be fixed- Walsh, retro style running shoes, etc.
The list goes on.

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