Monday, 9 July 2012

I Am Awake.

One of his students asked Buddha, 'Are you the messiah?'.
'No', answered Buddha.
'Then are you a healer?'
'No', Buddha replied.
'Then are you a teacher?' the student persisted.
'No, I am not a teacher'.
'Then what are you?' asked the student exasperated.
'I am awake', Buddha replied.

I move , watching the ocean, feeling the heat of the sun. Awake.
Down the coast ,to hidden beauties, for free nights of nature.

The sun goes down. The winds pick up. The sea breathes an intermittent roar.
I wake early. See the midsummer sunrise. Then doze.
The rains come. I journey home.

To Lakeland Peaks we roam.

Guided by the wings of a phoenix, we move towards Bowfell. Stepping on stones. Stepping on stones.

We move towards the roof of the Kingdom. Stepping on stones. Stepping on stones.

To the top we rise.

Then down, to savor the gifts of the valley.

 And dream of alternative lives .

 A new day begins with angelic smiles.

To welcome friends and challenges new.

A weekend of views, laughter and smiles. To all involved- Thankyou xx

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