Monday, 6 August 2012

Know How

                                      Red sky at night.

From the Cayman Islands.

The dunes, the beach, the sea.

The Surf Wagon

Calm Soul

Inviting me.

View to Shore.

Low Tide


High Tide


Low Tide


High Tide


There's no-one in. There never is. You might get a few youngsters dipping their toes, but they are soon warned out of it by their parents. That's good. I've got it all to myself. People just don't swim in the sea round here. Full of shit they say.Well give me the shit.

The weekends been good. My friend, Leon has been doing good things in the Lake District. Another few days of living.

Tonight I need to swim. My legs are stiff from the ups and downs. The mountains and the sea are the same. They demand respect. They have lessons which you need to learn. But you learn on their terms. They teach and if you listen, then you are blessed.

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